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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How to do What am I interested in?

Title : I am interested in ...

Instructions: List any the topics you are interested in learning about the history of.

How to Upload a Photo

A photo you drew in Note
(This does not work for Photos in note. Please see the instructions below.)

1. Click on the drawing in not
2. chose SHARE
4. open googledrive
5. click on the photo to open the menu
6. Click on the 3 dots to the right.
7. Click on GET LINK (this will copy the link)
8. Go in your post
9. Chose the PICTURE ICON

10. Choose FROM A URL.
11. Paste the link  and hit ADD SELECTED

A photo on the internet
1. Open a photo from the internet in a new tab
2. Go in your post
3. Chose the PICTURE ICON

4. Choose from a URL.
5. Paste the link and hit ADD SELECTED

Labeling a Post

When you are writing your post will choose labels from


For each post, you will have three labels

1. Your name
3. The Topic

Hit PUBLISH after each post even if you are not done.
DO NOT PUBLISH Without the 3 labels!!!

About Me

For your blog entry, please include the following:

Title: About "First Name Middle Name Last Name"

Education - List the schools you have attended
Work -  List any jobs you have had. This can be paid, volunteer or or chores.
What I want to be: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Interests: Tell us you favorite things to do or hobbies
Photo: See How to Upload a Photo for more information
1. Include a picture of your character you drew in NOTE
2. Include a photo of your character from the internet

See an example About Me HERE